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We can assist in making the selling procedure as easy and stress-free as possible if you're an ex-pat who wants to sell your property.

We accomplish this, in part, by providing multilingual help. No matter what language you speak, our team can communicate with you efficiently and make sure that you completely understand the process of selling your home with us because we speak English, German, Italian, and Dutch.

In addition to our multilingual support, we also provide unique services created especially for international clients. We know that selling a home can be challenging, mainly if you reside abroad. To make the procedure as simple as possible, we provide a variety of services, such as aid with documentation, currency exchange, and more.
Selling your house with the Estate Agent Austria
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Of course, we also use several social media sites and internet advertising channels for advertising your home to as many people as possible. We have a strong internet presence and employ tailored advertising to reach prospective buyers who are particularly interested in properties like yours.

We have the knowledge and tools to support you in making a successful sale, whether you're trying to sell a single-family home, a building with multiple units, or a piece of commercial real estate. Our team is committed to providing excellent service, and we will work closely with you at every stage to ensure you receive the highest price for your property.

We appreciate you thinking about using our services to sell your property. We are eager to collaborate with you!
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We would love to help you out! If you are ready to sell or if you have any questions related to the selling process, please let us know and we'll reach out as soon as possible!
We can assist you and the possible buyers in multiple languages.
Stress free and personal approach.
Licensed by the Austrian State.
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We help reach and help clients in multiple languages.
Stress free and personal approach.
Licensed by the Austrian State.